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~Manicure Services~

The Meditation Manicure
approx. 45 min/$35
A manicure that doesn't miss any details... Thorough but gentle attention is given to both the cuticles and the texture of the skin on the fingers. Enjoy a relaxing hand and arm massage while you listen to soothing music and smell the aroma of essential oils. A smooth glass file is used to shape the natural nails, leaving the edges free of any "snags", ready for the application of a lasting nail polish!
 The Spa Manicure
approx. 60min/$45
With this manicure, you receive all of the attention to detail as with the Meditation Manicure, but additionally, your hands and arms are exfoliated and an emollient cream and hot towels are used to help the oils penetrate!  Truly your favorite appointment of the week! 
The Pumpkin Peel Manicure
approx. 60min/$60
With this manicure, we allow the pumpkin  peel to exfoliate and hydrate the skin, while wrapped in hot towels.  This is a nice treatment for hands with dry skin, leaving them feeling soft, smooth and well cared for.
 The Mini Mani
approx. 20-30 min/$25
 This is a "down to business" manicure. Cuticles are cleaned up and nails are shaped and polished or buffed. This is for clients whose cuticles are at "maintenance" and just need a touch up. No massage included.
The Harmony Gel Manicure 
approx. 60-75 min/$45
With this manicure, you receive all the details of a full manicure so that your cuticles AND your nails look great! The service is completed with CND Shellac which lasts chip free for two weeks! It is a great option for clients that want the convenience of polish that dries instantly and lasts longer than traditional polish. For returning clients, the previous application of gel polish is removed by soaking in a gentle remover, and buffed smooth before the next application begins.
~Pedicure Services~
 The Peaceful Pedicure
approx. 60 min/$45
This is a pedicure with attention to detail!  You will come back for this quality work again and again.  Attention is given to properly cutting the toenails and cleaning debris beneath them, always keeping in mind our goal of healthy feet and healthy nails! It is important to have your feet look good, but it is MORE IMPORTANT that they are well cared for and HEALTHY! Cuticles are removed gently, yet thoroughly, with minimal cutting. Callous is removed and heels buffed smooth. A scrub,  hot towels, the aroma of essential oils and a relaxing foot and leg massage are part of the experience too! To top it off, your pedicure polish will last longer than any pedicure you've ever had! 
 The Intensive Pedicure
approx. 75-90 min/$55-$65
This pedicure is for feet that have not had attention in a long while, or need a lot of extra attention to get into good shape. This would include excessive callous, or very thick nails. Feet that have been ignored can start to look good again and nails can be healthy with proper care. Being that callous remover actually dries out the skin on the heels and causes cracking, we don't rely on chemicals to remove the callous, but old fashioned sanding. To do the quality work that we expect, it just takes time and consistency.
The Pumpkin Pedicure
approx. 75 min/$65
This is a client favorite. The pumpkin peel does such a good job of thoroughly removing dead skin from the entire foot, while hydrating the skin. If done at consistent and timely intervals, it works really well to improve the condition of cracked heels.
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