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We are a local, San Clemente family

Langston Family Photo

Deborah Langston

-Licensed Cosmetologist

Owner of Sweet Escape:

My family and I are happy to be in San Clemente. We LOVE being a part of the community, especially living AND working in town.

I have been manicuring for over 20 years. I love what I do and love helping my clients have beautiful, healthy hands and feet. This respect for natural nails began when I used to do mostly artificial nails and acquired an allergy to the products. Ten years ago, my reaction to artificial nails became so intense that I had to switch my entire clientele over to regular weekly manicures. Over time, their artificial nails grew out, with their natural nails becoming long and healthy. Their nails looked great without any artificial enhancements. I realized that if the natural nail is well cared for week after week, with gentle care, a light touch and proper products, there is seldom a need for anything other than regular manicures!

    "quality you remember... AND return for..."


I have seen Debbie for over four years now. I had previously received weekly manicures for about fifteen years and always had nails that were short and peeling. I just thought, "that's my nails". But then my friend, whose nails looked great, told me to see Debbie. I did, and now my nails are long and strong. I love having nails! I have traveled to expensive resorts all over the world and paid lots of money for manicures and pedicures, but none have been the quality that Debbie provides. I drive forty five minutes to my appointment EACH WAY because her work is worth it! Not to mention, her salon is impeccably clean!

-Victoria W., Rancho Santa Fe


"I cannot say enough about the “Sweet Escape” experience! Debbie is passionate about her work; she continuously seeks the best products for her clients and the best techniques to get the best results. Her polish lasts because of her exquisite attention to detail; she really cares about how her polish lasts and she delights in knowing that her clients got great results. The best thing about the experience is the delightful atmosphere Debbie has created in her shop. It is such a wonderful little retreat away; nothing like the typical nail salon. It is a pleasure to go there and enjoy the peace and serenity. The greatest thing about Debbie is –to know her is to love her! Truly!"

-Stacy Hakopian, San Clemente


 "There is something special about Debbie. Her manicures are detailed with attention to the overall health of the nails. She has great pride in her work and it shows."

- Sally Nelson, Laguna Hills


 "It was my first time visiting Sweet Escape and what a fantastic experience. It was more like going to a private spa than to a nail salon. I had a pedicure and manicure with the pumpkin treatment and massage. HEAVEN! I think I would have been the perfect 'before' and 'after' photo client for what an amazing treatment the pumpkin treatment was/is... I went in with REALLY dry cracked heals and came out with heals as soft as a baby's bum. Debbie is amazing!"

- Nicky Robson, San Clemente


 "If you’re looking for a typical run-of-the-mill pedicure and manicure service, you’re at the wrong place! Debbie provides these personal grooming services, but with an attention to detail, cleanliness, privacy and professionalism you won't find at any of the 'sweat shops'. Yes, it's more dough, but it's worth every penny - just go! You'll soon understand!"

-Anthony G., Laguna Beach


 "I highly recommend Debbie's pedicures. Every single time, my polish lasts for weeks. There is no chipping whatsoever. I love it! And I really enjoy my time visiting with Debbie. I feel uplifted when I leave and so will you!"

-Rachel Fitzgerald, San Diego

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